Airbag instead of bicycle helmet

Cyclists can look forward to new gadgets this year, which include an airbag instead of a helmet. A Swedish novelty called hövding, the Chiefer, is worn as a collar, inside which is hidden inflatable system with helium and motion sensor. The electronics evaluates your movement and the rate of deviation from a certain preset standard. Therefore, head protection will only be developed in a real fall. The Airbag is also equipped with a “black box” that stores the last 10 seconds of the motion sensor data. It charges via the USB port, which also allows you to update the control software. More here.

According to experts, the collar airbag is even more effective than a protective helmet and is also suitable for women who do not want to wear helmets because of their hairstyle. At the same time, this device is also usable when riding a scooter, skis, snowboard, etc. Think of your safety!

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