Avengers: Thanoser’s glove on Google

The latest in the Marvel Comics – Avengers: Endgame series of films inspired by Google. Just search for the name Thanos, click on his glove and it will begin to happen unprecedented… In this image, the villain Thanos smoothed through his glove half the world. Similarly, when you click on Thanosova Glove, half of the history in this search engine will be spillage. To put everything in its original condition, just click on the glove again.

It is possible to evaluate an unusual idea from the second page, when Google could inspire the unfair elements of the Internet by this achievement. Hackers can create a similar “clickable toy” when users, under the veil of distraction, get a click on something they don’t want. Cybercriminals, who tend to be very creative, then simply open for example. Port on your firewall or give access to your private folders, etc.

Therefore, we warn, check the relevance of these at the first glance of the playful elements of the Internet. This entertainment can ultimately be very dangerous.

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