Safety in Industrial machine systems

Trend Micro has published up-to-date research on system errors and threats from the remote control of industrial machines such as cranes, drills, mining machines and others. This report focuses on the topic of insufficient security of heavy technology, which, thanks to its long lifespan, high exchange costs and low frequent updates, is increasingly becoming the target of hacker attacks, who are able to remotely take control of Machine or pretend to malfunction. More here.

As a result, individual businesses and their chains are vulnerable to many threats of varying nature, such as loss of system controlability, system unavailability, power loss, data manipulation and loss, system malfunctions with health consequences, System malfunctions with environmental or financial losses.

It is still very forgotten about one characteristic feature of security (Cyber and general): It is a never-ending process, a constant struggle between attackers and defense against them. Therefore, in order to ensure cyber security, the internal reorganisation of processes, the redefinition of accountability roles and the strengthening of the company’s security culture are important. It remains true that the weakest link in the security ecosystem is always human. More here.

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