Czechs are able to know from what place they were photographed

The research group CPhoto @ FIT from Brno Faculty of Information Technology BUT can use geo-localization from digital photography to determine the position and orientation of the camera or camera. Each photo has an approximate GPS coordinate of the location from which it was taken. With elevation data on the terrain that scientists derive from 3D digital landscape models, scientists can align the silhouette of a photograph taken with this 3D model. You can then easily specify the exact orientation of the camera or camera. 3D models are freely accessible for the entire planet. More here.

This unique technology is also usable in the field of security, can assist in rescue operations, or in forensic analysis, when it is necessary to verify whether a photo captures what the author claims. It’s also useful when you’re editing photos, for example, when you want to edit your vacation pictures. In addition, Brno technology is useful for navigating self-propelled cars or drones. The group can also analyse photos from cities. More about the possibilities of this technology in the text on THE VUT website.

Martin Čadík and his team are focusing on images from the free landscape only in the Republic and with their research are among the few experts in Europe. In addition, CPhoto @ FIT collaborating with researchers from Adobe Research allows doctoral students to attend an internship in Adobe.

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