The GDPR is accompanied by a series of absurdit, e-mails reveal the addresses of users

As expected, the GDPR’s entry into force is accompanied by a series of absurd situations. For example, Ghostery, which paradoxically offers a service to viewers to increase the privacy of individuals, has sent an e-mail to the user group to protect their personal information. A human error occurred when hundreds of e-mail addresses were inserted into the addressee’s field. The contacts were then visible to all recipients of this email. Ghostery, however, is not the only one in this particular misconduct. More here.

The economic chamber also addresses absurd questions about the GDPR. The chamber sees the problem especially in the attitude of the State itself. The European regulation is still lacking in the Czech Republic implementing law, entrepreneurs are inadequately informed. According to the chamber, the problem is that the state does not mention specific cases for which entrepreneurs would be sanctioned. With clear instructions and procedures from the state, there would be limited variations in interpretations and ambiguities currently prevailing. The introduction of the European Data Protection regulation will then cost all entrepreneurs at least CZK 25 billion. More here.

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