Hardware error on Intel processors, modifications slow performance

On Intel processors, the world’s largest manufacturer of desktop, notebook, and tablet CPUs, there is a serious security flaw, dividing into two sub-errors known as Meltdown and Spectre. These allow you to read arbitrary data within a single process. With this security gap, computer pirates can get a virus directly into the processor without the user being able to protect themselves from it in any way. However, by implementing the patch, there is a noticeable slowdown of the entire system, depending on some tests, even in certain numerical operations up to 50. The problem is gaining massive proportions due to the fact that Intel processors use more than 80 computer systems in the world in both home and business environments. More here.

Spicy on the whole case is that the head of Intel Brian Krzanich sold at the turn of November and December 2017, only shortly before the outbreak of the scandal, shares of his company worth a record 500 million crowns. The general public, that is to say, the majority of shareholders, however, became aware of it only in January. More here.

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