The Internet is a dangerous playground for your children!

There are many dangers on the internet. However, this issue does not only apply to viruses, hackers, personal data leaks and other sensitive information, false information and manipulation, but also cyberbullying (bullying over the Internet or mobile phones), sexting (sending text messages, photos or videos with sexual content), cyberstalking (long-term, repetitive, systematic and escalated persecution and harassment via the Internet or mobile phones), as well as creeping dependence on Internet use.

All these concepts represent a far greater risk than the most sophisticated malicious codes, especially in relation to our children. The age limit of children who own their personal smart phone or tablet is gradually decreasing. This issue is no longer a concern for children from the second stage of primary school, for most of which the Internet has become an absolute daily routine. Unlike a desktop computer, often shared by the whole family, mobile devices or tablets with Internet connections offer much more privacy without control. Children fall into the most vulnerable group of users. More here.

To spread the awareness of many of the dangers on the internet, which are hidden behind various identities, aims to make the day safer Internet, which this year fell on Tuesday 6. February. On the issue of Internet (not) security draws attention to the trilogy of movies “list with safe!”, behind which the company

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