The new technology of cycling helmets is a revolutionary change

The introduction of pioneering innovations in the world of cycling and prevention of head injuries preceded the twenty-five years of effort and examination of the Orthophoon surgeon Steve Madey and biomechanical engineer Michael Bottlangema. The new technology of protection against brain concussion in normal cycling accidents, called WaveCel, is demonstrably up to 48 times more effective than standard EPS foam. WaveCel absorbers The energy of the collision in several ways, i.e. by a three-phase change in the structure of the material-bending, decay and displacement, which is very effective to dissipate the energy of the blow in the fall. More here.

The best helmet models with WaveCel technology are priced close to the last year’s cycling season – an airbag for the bike. However, in the case of a fall, the airbag helmet is for single use only (it is not possible to refit it), it can not be used for riding on the Lehocol, nor for the protection of epileptic seizures.

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