NÚKIB warns against unsafe application QRecorder

ESET is today alerting you to the fraudulent QRecorder app, which was available in the official Google Play store (currently to be downloaded from Google Play). The QRecorder application is used for automatic call recording. Security analysts found that after some of the latest updates, the app was modified to be a Trojan horse. With this modification, attackers can remotely control the smart phone where the app is installed. Attackers also have the option to scan the entered credentials and read the SMS to obtain the two necessary factors for authentication to various services, such as mobile banking.

If you already have this app installed, we recommend changing your passwords for important services (especially mobile/internet banking, etc.) using a device other than the smartphone. We also recommend that you use a modern antivirus program with regular virus definitions updates. Generally, we recommend that you do not use one device at the same time to log in to the bank and accept login confirmation codes. READ also here.

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