A glimpse of a disappointed parent: GDPR takes children joy of victory

We bring you one of the other perspectives of the general Data Protection Regulation, the view of one of the sad parents. According to Martina Mašáta , the implementation OF the GDPR introduces a loss of child pride from sporting and knowledge successes or enjoyment of experiences in connection with pseudonymisation of the results lists and the necessity of granting consented to publication Photos of our branches.

We will leave the relevance of this attitude to each of you. But surely it is, as it has always been and in all areas, nothing to exaggerate, that is, all in moderation. How can the effort to maximize compliance with the new rules look like an example from kindergarten in Prague 9. Instead of the names, the parents write to the excuse sheets only their children’s brands as shown in the dressing room. The Apology arch then contains bizarnosti, such as “I apologize to Piggy or princess”.

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