Beware of Keyfree access and car start-ups. He has his own risks.

In recent years, car thieves have been making use of modern cars by electronic systems. Among the most vulnerable are the keyless approach and the car Start button. Theft of the vehicle with this equipment is enough for 23 seconds for thieves. Two people and the same number of devices that are called “Relay Attack Unit “. A device, similar to a tablet, is used to prolong the signal emitted between the vehicle and the key. If the car owner keeps the car keys too close to the front door to the house, thieves are supposed to win in a few seconds. When the first thief pulls the car handle, the vehicle sends a signal and searches for the key. At that moment, the two devices gradually transmit the signal, which will safely transport the car key. The car, in the thought that the key is in range, will unlock the car and the thief can only start the engine by the button. More here.

The possibility of preventing these situations is to store the car keys in a metal box that shields the signal. The simplest solution, however, is to store the keys as far away as possible from the parked car and to places where thieves cannot easily reach their device.

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