Real estate data leakage

Contracts, biometric signatures, copies of citizens, addresses, contacts and other personal data of clients. To all these personal data stored in the internal system of the large real estate company M&M reality, the sellers of the Arca group bills of exchange gained access from the outside.

The Messages list informs about a large case of data leakage.

Around the middle of last year, Mrs. Alena Š. phone. He called a financial product retailer who offered to invest in bills of exchange from Arca Investments. At that time, the company was already on the threshold of the biggest bankruptcy of the last two decades.

“The trader immediately said that we have the cash gained from the sale of the house and if we do not want to invest the money in Ark’s bills. It seemed strange to me that they have such information, “Alena Š. Described for SZ Byznys, whose name has been editorially changed.

The problem of the leading domestic real estate agency M&M reality with data leakage to bill of exchange traders does not only include Excel spreadsheets with clients’ personal data. According to SZ’s findings, the sellers of the Arca Group’s bills of exchange last year even gained unlimited access to the internal information system Stormm of this large real estate company.

The Stormm application contains a whole host of personal data of real estate clients. From contracts and biometric descriptions through addresses and contacts to copies of citizens.

This is a sad story of two famous businessmen who enjoy themselves exchanged data . The aim was to offer M&M reality clients bills and bonds of the Arca Group. This is really not the way to handle personal data. Read the full article here

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