TEST – Can you detect a fraudulent email or phone call?

The Czech Banking Association (CBA) measures every year so-called CBA Cybersecurity Index, which is based on the claims of Czechs, how they behave on the Internet. In 2020, the Index achieved average results, a total of 61 %. Unteachable Czechs have repeatedly admitted that they do not read information messages from banks and do not pay attention to the security warnings of their mobile phone, half of them do not even deal with its security.

Due to the stagnant result of the Index for several years in a row, in December 2020 the CBA, in cooperation with ESET and the SC&C agency, decided to examine the Czech Republic in practice as well. The so-called Kybertest, the aim of which was to find out whether the respondents in the roles of clients of the fictitious Family Bank recognize in real simulations that they are the target of online fraudsters. In the real world, the opposite would most likely mean the loss of data, money in the account or control of the device.

How did the Czechs succeed in Kybertest? Only at 43 %!

Now, among other things, thanks to the connection of the Police of the Czech Republic to the project, you have the opportunity to try Kybertest too!


Source: Kybertest.cz

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