Safety trends for the year 2019

One of the trends for the year 2019 is the seamless logging in systems and applications, which is not only very safe, but also user-friendly and therefore fast. For the owners of modern mobile devices, when most of them provide technology so-called. Touch ID means that they can sign in to their devices with their fingerprint or face identification. In terms of safety it’s a win-win situation. In general, the longer and more complicated the password is, the more we protect our privacy. Users can enter a very complex combination of Pin and do not have to remember them. This is the first time that complicated passwords are entered, i.e. when they pair their fingerprint or facial biometria with this password, which are data that are always unique. Thanks to this, a foreign person has very complex conditions for possible misuse. This technology begins to penetrate not only in corporate applications, but also in the private life of individuals.

Gartner analysts have identified six additional major security and risk management trends that will substantially affect both the security and privacy of employees and the agenda of staff responsible for these areas. Read more.

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