In the USA, they install bullet proof in schools

Not only did the last incident with the shooter in Florida induce many people to ponder the question of how to truly protect our children from the furious shooter? A radical solution was determined by the Director of primary School in Oklahoma, Terry Shaw, who gradually installs bullet-proof covers to all classrooms, which primarily serve as protection against tornado, hurricane, and earthquake. The cover provides a safe haven for 35 students and two teachers. Thanks to the padded seats, custom lighting, circulation system and backup power, this space can also be used as a relaxation zone or a quiet reading place. In addition, protective devices are equipped with cameras with panoramic views in case of attack. Their reliability was tested by the director on his own skin when he entered the shelter, which he subsequently left to shoot several times. More here.


The question is whether this measure is a solution? In any case, the location of the shelter for an attacker can be a psychologically deterrent. If this “children’s Cave” is placed in school, the only violence will happen in a shootout between the attacker and the police.

CST Consulting has recently been dedicated to the security audits of schools.

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