Warning against “advantageous” loans from Nigeria

Most of us have already met decepted emails from Nigeria, which promise a dizzying commission or inheritance after a deceased billion without a closer heir. However, more and more often we encounter innovated fraudulent dealings with the Nigeria identity. These are fraudulent loans tailored to lure the victim into a fee of around 7000 CZK. Victims are mostly people in distressinged financial situations, for which the sending of the mentioned charge may have fatal consequences. More here.

The principle is simple. The victim will write down on an extremely advantageous offer (coincidentally from Nigeria). In a short time, a questionnaire is sent to him by e-mail, on the basis of which he is to be transferred to his account the promised amount. Before the money is sent, however, the case is arrested – the victim is asked to send a financial deposit, which should cover the handling/registration/bank etc. Fee. Money is to be sent unaddressed to a person with a false identity that is not fully searchable in Nigeria, via Moneygram or Western Union. These services allow, when knowing the answer to the so-called test question, an anonymous withdrawal of money. Thus, you can not retrospectively determine who actually picked the money.

It is advisable to use common sense and not to react to suspiciously advantageous offers of loans and, in principle, not to intervene in Nigeria (but also other West African countries) money for imaginary charges. Our team is here for you!

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