Cookies from 1.1.2022 again differently

The Chamber of Deputies approved in the third reading an amendment to Act No. 127/2005 Coll., On Electronic Communications (hereinafter “ZEK”), [1] the purpose of which is primarily to harmonize Czech legislation with the European Code of Electronic Communications. [2] However, the changes will also affect other areas not directly related to this Code. One of the most significant changes will affect anyone who runs a website or mobile application and uses static, analytical, or advertising tools. The change consists in the transition from the existing opt-out mode for the use of cookies and similar tracking technologies to the mode of active user consent, the so-called opt-in. What does it mean?

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Safety of smart watches for children

Dětské hodinky

The server collected and clearly described the test results of some smart watches for the little ones. If you are considering buying such “smart” watches for your little one, we recommend being careful. As the article shows, the price of a watch also increases safety. And the risks are not small.

Some of the tested pieces allowed unauthorized persons to communicate directly with the child. And you really don’t want that. Not to mention access to data in the watch. Choose a watch not only according to its functions, but also find out what security of communication and identity verification is applied in the watch. Otherwise, it may happen that your child’s movement will be watched by someone else

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A glimpse of a disappointed parent: GDPR takes children joy of victory

We bring you one of the other perspectives of the general Data Protection Regulation, the view of one of the sad parents. According to Martina Mašáta , the implementation OF the GDPR introduces a loss of child pride from sporting and knowledge successes or enjoyment of experiences in connection with pseudonymisation of the results lists and the necessity of granting consented to publication Photos of our branches.

We will leave the relevance of this attitude to each of you. But surely it is, as it has always been and in all areas, nothing to exaggerate, that is, all in moderation. How can the effort to maximize compliance with the new rules look like an example from kindergarten in Prague 9. Instead of the names, the parents write to the excuse sheets only their children’s brands as shown in the dressing room. The Apology arch then contains bizarnosti, such as “I apologize to Piggy or princess”.

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Drugs takes and medication is used by a million Czechs, alcohol regularly uses almost half a million Czechs

The government approved last month the national strategy to prevent and reduce the damage associated with addiction behaviour for the next eight years. The ambition of this document is to strengthen the prevention of physical dependence, the creation of quality adictological services, the regulation of the cannabis market, drugs and medicinal products containing psychoactive substances. Fortunately, there is no increasing degree of psychological dependence, among which the use of the Internet, or netolism, is clearly dominated.

The report on the implementation of the state’s drug policy, which restates a number of critics, shows the trite numbers not only in the increases in the number of opioid users and Pervitin, but also in the number of cannabis users and alcohol-dependent. However, one of the greatest achievements in the fight against drugs is the decrease in the number of users of very risky heroin. According to Jindřich Vobořil, the National drug Coordinator from 2010 to July 2018, this is only due to the fact that the Czech market received buprenorphine, after which people die. More here.

In the context of the Government’s efforts to fight Dogies, Saturday’s march for the legalization of marijuana, which traditionally did not include the most prominent personalities of the Czech Pirate Party, namely chairman Ivan Bartoš and the Prague Mayor Zdeněk Hřib, may appear as a cheerful story from Sridhar. More here.

On the other hand, thanks to a depleted labour market, employers are increasingly tolerating alcohol and drugs in the workplace. Should the company accede to the notice after the repeated detection of such risk behaviour with its employee, it may not find a substitute for it. The reason is precisely the low number of adequate candidates. However, the use of drugs and alcohol in employment is not only a phenomenon of lower positions. On the contrary, a third of managers and specialists use these substances through stresing environments, permanent frustrations and high working conditions. More here.

Do you know what to do to get the right evidence to decide on the possible penalty for your employee? Use our services and contact us.

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Avengers: Thanoser’s glove on Google

The latest in the Marvel Comics – Avengers: Endgame series of films inspired by Google. Just search for the name Thanos, click on his glove and it will begin to happen unprecedented… In this image, the villain Thanos smoothed through his glove half the world. Similarly, when you click on Thanosova Glove, half of the history in this search engine will be spillage. To put everything in its original condition, just click on the glove again.

It is possible to evaluate an unusual idea from the second page, when Google could inspire the unfair elements of the Internet by this achievement. Hackers can create a similar “clickable toy” when users, under the veil of distraction, get a click on something they don’t want. Cybercriminals, who tend to be very creative, then simply open for example. Port on your firewall or give access to your private folders, etc.

Therefore, we warn, check the relevance of these at the first glance of the playful elements of the Internet. This entertainment can ultimately be very dangerous.

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Safety trends for the year 2019

One of the trends for the year 2019 is the seamless logging in systems and applications, which is not only very safe, but also user-friendly and therefore fast. For the owners of modern mobile devices, when most of them provide technology so-called. Touch ID means that they can sign in to their devices with their fingerprint or face identification. In terms of safety it’s a win-win situation. In general, the longer and more complicated the password is, the more we protect our privacy. Users can enter a very complex combination of Pin and do not have to remember them. This is the first time that complicated passwords are entered, i.e. when they pair their fingerprint or facial biometria with this password, which are data that are always unique. Thanks to this, a foreign person has very complex conditions for possible misuse. This technology begins to penetrate not only in corporate applications, but also in the private life of individuals.

Gartner analysts have identified six additional major security and risk management trends that will substantially affect both the security and privacy of employees and the agenda of staff responsible for these areas. Read more.

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The new technology of cycling helmets is a revolutionary change

The introduction of pioneering innovations in the world of cycling and prevention of head injuries preceded the twenty-five years of effort and examination of the Orthophoon surgeon Steve Madey and biomechanical engineer Michael Bottlangema. The new technology of protection against brain concussion in normal cycling accidents, called WaveCel, is demonstrably up to 48 times more effective than standard EPS foam. WaveCel absorbers The energy of the collision in several ways, i.e. by a three-phase change in the structure of the material-bending, decay and displacement, which is very effective to dissipate the energy of the blow in the fall. More here.

The best helmet models with WaveCel technology are priced close to the last year’s cycling season – an airbag for the bike. However, in the case of a fall, the airbag helmet is for single use only (it is not possible to refit it), it can not be used for riding on the Lehocol, nor for the protection of epileptic seizures.

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CST Consulting offers solutions to drug problems in the workplace

CST Consulting now offers as one of the services for companies a comprehensive solution to problems with addictive substances in the workplace. If you are thinking about the need to really tackle drug problems in the workplace, we are presenting one of the results of a study published on 14. March 2019 the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug addiction. The study is based on accurate measurement of addictive substances (drugs) before sewage treatment plants in European cities.

In Pervitin, the result is as follows (from Czech cities, Brno and České Budějovice participated in the measurements):

Source: EMCDDA,

The overall situation according to the latest annual report on drug status in the Czech Republic seems to have used some illegal drug in the life of a total of 31.2 respondents in the age range 15 – 64 years (38.4 men and 23.8 women). The most commonly used illicit drug was hemp substances (28.6), followed by ecstasy (5.8), hallucinogenic mushrooms (4.7), Pervitin (3.3) and cocaine (2.4). The frequency of cannabis use in the last 12 months and the last 30 days was significantly higher among young adults aged 15 – 34 (19.3 and 3.9 respectively).

Prevalence of selected illicit drugs in the general population in the past 12 months – study of Citizens ‘ research 2017,

In view of the risk assessment at the workplace, it is interesting to find that the experience with the use of all observed illicit drugs was most often respondents in the age group 15 – 34 years (up to 2 times higher prevalence compared to the general population aged 15 – 64 years). In a more detailed view of drug use by ten-year age groups, respondents in the 25 – 34 age group, not respondents in the youngest age category 15, proved to be significantly more experienced in using and topical use of illicit drugs. – 24 years, as has been so far.

Our solution lies in the introduction of a prevention system that brings full compliance with the requirements of the Labour Code, Act No. 65/2017 Sb. On health protection against harmful effects of addictive substances, Act No. 251/2005 Sb. And not least the GDPR.

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Coin bouncated Bullet and rescued soldier’s life

More than 100 years ago, it saved coins, namely one penny, the life of a British soldier, John Trickett. The bullet that bouncated from the coin in his breast pocket was injured by a soldier on his ear and caused a deaf, but Trickett survived. Coins with visible deformations are now available to interested parties, informs the Daily Mail server.

According to the war expert Adriana Stevenson, the coin is a beautiful testament to the thin line between life and death during the war, into which Trickett was probably a fraud. More here.

Those who participated in our training of the safety features of banknotes know that this is a “non-standard” damaged coin.

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