procedureHow it will be?

The new security design proposal of your home is based on  mutual trust . Therefore, we want to introduce you to the process of how everything will be done.

Initial consultation

The first step is   getting acquainted   not only with a specialist who will deal with your security, but also with a detailed presentation of the entire project. At the introductory meeting, we will introduce you the detail of the security area we are dealing with and with you   we will agree on the scope of work you are interested in.For example, you can try to check us out on the security system and extend your order to other areas if satisfied. Or you can opt for a comprehensive home security audit. The outcome of this agreement will be both the order and the final  prices , as well as the plan of work.

This introductory meeting will take place in your chosen environment to make you feel comfortable and safe. Most of our clients opt for the first meeting  in public place . At the same time, we will prepare and complete a confidentiality agreement that will protect your information.

This consultation is completely FREE!


The goal of this step is   to perform security risk assessment . Our security advisor will work with you to review all security areas defined in your order and then perform a comprehensive risk analysis. This phase is based on  interview and physical control of your house.   It will take several hours to verify your existing security measures. As a result, there will be the list of identified risks that require your further attention.


spolpráce bezpečnostní poradenství

Based on the results of the analysis, the security advisor will prepare  a list of recommendations for action to eliminate identified risks . These recommendations are of a different nature, important is that they follow one another so that your protection is comprehensive and balanced. Some recommendations will only affect the behavior (s) of your home, some minor or major adjustments to eliminate the risk (such as an accident), and some additions or changes to security and information systems.   Our advisor will discuss the full list of recommendations with you and explain their effectiveness and role throughout the system. At the same time, you agree on further steps to implement these recommendations. We are ready to help you choose suppliers, or advise you on how to implement it yourself.