security-designWe called security design   comprehensive security check   intended for households and private individuals. The content of this package is to assess security risks and propose measures in the following areas:

  • property protection   – design and verification of security of apartment, house and other buildings, including their equipment, both against the risks of criminal nature (theft, burglary) and natural disasters (water, fire, gas explosion, etc.)
  • protection of valuables   – so-called subject protection to protect valuable items that are of irreversible or high value to you (historical items, commemorative items, jewelry, documents and documents)
  • personal protection   – In this area we include the protection of life and health of household members, especially children. We will address identity protection from Internet bullying, the dangers of social networking, as well as household equipment with items and furniture to protect against serious accidents
  • information security   – Set up computers and home networks against malicious viruses and codes, infiltrate your data from the outside, as well as track the activity of small and inexperienced users

The aim of this overall review is to really suggest   new safe home design . Areas can be analyzed individually, or if you have a specific need, we agree on a range of services individually. The price list can be found   here .

Who is Security Design for?

Our clients turn to us especially in the following life situations:

  • new household   – If you are planning to move, build or buy a property Security Design will help you set new security at an early stage. Thus, you will know the necessary security costs for your new home, while avoiding some mistakes, which in the future would entail additional costs.
  • threat, fear   – whether it is a feeling or a reason for fear, doubts about safety are growing. In this case, we will help you restore confidence in your security. You deal with professionals who are alive with safety assessment and design. They have many years of experience and are able to tell you unequivocally where your security is and where it needs adjustment.
  • significant changes   – divorce, change of interests and behavior of children, big celebration, property changes? These and other life situations cause changes in the security situation. We will help you adjust security to new conditions.

How our cooperation will take place can be found   here .