• plany-continuity-activities What happens if…? Have you ever asked this question?
  • Do you know how to ensure fulfillment for customers if your building, staff, IT infrastructure is unavailable…?
  • Do you have supplies supplied in case of primary supplier failure?
  • Who will manage the emergency?


  • Clear organization and tasks in case of crisis.
  • Ensuring fulfillment of primary obligations towards third parties.
  • Effective continuous process planning and testing.
  • Trained and prepared staff.
  • Elimination of losses caused by a crisis situation.
  • Timely and targeted crisis communication. 


  • Identify key processes, insignificant impacts on assets, determine maximum downtime of service availability, minimum process recovery time.
  • Definition of key roles of crisis management and recovery teams.
  • Determination of crisis management methodology and recovery methodology, creation and implementation of continuity plans for key processes.
  • Filling SW tools for planning and managing the crisis.
  • Conduct acceptance tests of continuity plans.
  • Training of staff and management in crisis management and execution of plans.


  • Readiness, readiness and readiness!
  • A set of tested crisis management plans.
  • Trained management and staff.
  • Prevention of crisis situations.
  • Cost effectiveness.

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