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We help our clients streamline their security management system, save security costs, address security incidents including fraud, define security technology requirements and services. We can check the current security settings in the company, propose improvement measures, help with implementation.


As part of security advice:

  • we will evaluate the current state of settings of processes in the area of ​​physical, information, personal and financial security – security audit
  • we process risk analysis
  • we recommend adjusting, or introducing new, strategies, standards and procedures to minimize risks
  • we set up control mechanisms
  • we will be an opponent of security technology and service providers
  • prepare arguments on security issues
  • train and prepare the stakeholders for change
  • we evaluate the compliance of contractual documentation, real performance and functionality with the order of the client of security orders

We always work in conjunction with the client to avoid unnecessary bureaucratic burdens and result in the most effective process of achieving the goal. Security advice is based primarily on independence from technology suppliers and long-term experience of industry consultants.

Security audit of schools (ČSN 73 4400)

We offer a special product to schools in the form of the School Security Audit by a certified auditor according to ČSN 73 4400 and, in accordance with the recommendation of the Ministry of Interior, the Crime Prevention Department. The advantage of our approach is that we are not limited to the risks associated with protecting people, but also property and information. From this point of view, our audit is more comprehensive and gives founders overall information about security status and needs. For more information, please see our PL_bezpecnost_skol .

School Safety & # 8211; Audit according to ČSN 73 4400

If you are interested in further information on our security advisory services, please use our contact form .