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In cooperation with one of our partners, we have prepared an offer for you SW tools supporting security processes . Due to our many years of experience with these tools, we are able to not only recommend us, but also provide consulting support for setting up processes for these tools.

If you are solving, or planning to solve, the issue of Continuity of activities, or streamlining of security processes related to technology, do not hesitate to contact us. contact .

ECC ® with BCMS

Firm ZLD offers the original ECC software application ® with BCMS providing technical and information support for corporate and corporate business continuity management systems in emergencies and crisis events. The application supports effective preparation and effective response to the crisis, its management and rapid recovery of processes and functions of the organization. With the help of this tool, the user gets acquainted with the issues of BCM (Business Continuity Management), which is used mainly by schools and training centers.


  • simplicity
  • intelligibility
  • unambiguity
  • ability to act


  • rapid integration of BCM into the organization
  • exploiting the potential and benefits of BCM
  • wide involvement of a large number of BCM actors
  • quick response to the crisis
  • protection of key processes
  • effective risk management

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ECC ® with

The modern information society is characterized by a constant effort to increase general security, protection of life, health and property, occupational safety, effective prevention of accidents and emergencies. In the past, considerable resources have been invested in technical systems to support safety protection. Another logical development step is their comprehensive integration. The proven information platform is Emergency Control Center services ECC®s. Based on it, the company develops ZLD integrated security systems.

Integrated Security System (IBS)

ensure institutional, technical and technological integration and provide:

  • equivalent information shared in real time between all safety management actors
  • graphical user interface with an active map providing a common picture of the situation
  • direct control of security technology end elements from the integration interface
  • automatic creation of an event by a technical signal of electronic signaling
  • the link between security technologies such as automatic rotation of the camera at the event location
  • sharing events, their development and information on the progress of solutions between workplaces
  • generating factual and statistical information about events and making them available to authorized users
  • solution of user rights and their priorities for control of end elements by multiple users from different workplaces

Expected benefits

  • information interconnection of operational workplaces of crisis management, police, fire brigade, rescue medical services, traffic dispatching, operational workplaces of technical services, etc.
  • equal use of all security technologies by all users, with strict management of user roles, rights and priorities
  • protecting and increasing the effectiveness of security investments, both past and future
  • a common picture of the situation and the development of the event in the geographic information system
  • integration and interaction of technological modules of the system, active monitoring of the situation
  • deepening cooperation and synergies between security forces
  • effective coordination and management of current and extraordinary events
  • technical and information support for crisis management
  • making information available to responsible persons at and outside the workplace (support of mobile devices)

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