Revision of security services

CCTVWhether you purchase any security services (security, remote monitoring, installation and service of electronic systems, etc.) with each other, together with related modes and processes, it creates a system of interconnected measures that eliminate your risks. Setting concurrency and synergy effects is not an easy discipline and creates room for increased efficiency.

We guarantee our independence from suppliers of security technologies and services!

What we analyze

  • Content and focus of security services to eliminate risks
  • Scope and interconnection of individual services in terms of using the potential for concurrency
  • Quality of services and setting of control mechanisms
  • Compliance with insurance conditions and insurance coverage of residual risk
  • The price of services

How we proceed

The work procedure is the same as we apply to projects Process Optimization by applying experience from areas that are our specialization ( Security management t , Safety documentation , Preparation of tenders , Training )

Goals and price

The main goal of the project is to increase the efficiency of the entire system of purchased services. For these projects, we achieve significant cost savings on the part of the customer. For this reason, we are ready to implement this type of contract in the form of a “success fee”, ie a motivational reward of the total savings achieved . For you, this means that the reward for our work is payable only if savings are achieved according to the agreed criteria, in proportion to the total amount of annual savings.

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Due to the setting of these projects in the form of a “Success fee”, there is no extra cost for you. On the contrary! You will increase the contribution margin thanks to the achieved savings. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us or leave a message using our contact form here .

Are you looking for savings in your company? Do you think you pay a lot for security services?

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